Global Crop Diversity Trust

A Foundation for Food Security

Governance & Policy

The Global Crop Diversity Trust was established in October 2004 as an independent international organization under international law. This status was conferred on it through the signing of an Establishment Agreement by seven states from five of the regions referred to in the basic texts of FAO.

The policy framework for the Crop Trust is provided by the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.

Strategic Work Plan and Fundraising Strategy
In 2013, the Crop Trust developed a new Strategic Work Plan and Fundraising Strategy, which will allow the Crop Trust to truly fulfill its core mandate under the International Treaty of building a rational and cost-effective system to safeguard and making availabke crop diversity globally. 

Fund Disbursement Strategy
The Crop Trust has developed two documents to explain how the organization is putting into practice the principles and strategies of the Global Plan of Action and the International Treaty and the Fund Disbursement Strategy. Please download the documents below. 

For a detailed outline of the role of the Crop Trust, please download the paper "The Role of the Global Crop Diversity Trust in Helping Ensure the Long-Term Conservation and Availability of PGRFA''.