Global Crop Diversity Trust

A Foundation for Food Security

Long term grants

The Trust’s central objective is to use the proceeds of its endowment to provide in-perpetuity, secure funding to ensure the long-term maintenance and availability of crop collections of global significance.

The Trust currently provides in-perpetuity support to the following crop collections held at international genebanks.

  • Edible Aroids -  Fiji  (SPC)
  • Banana and Plantain -  Belgium (Bioversity International)
  • Barley - Syria (ICARDA)
  • Bean - Colombia (CIAT)
  • Cassava - Colombia (CIAT)
  • Cassava - Nigeria (IITA)
  • Chickpea - India (ICRISAT)
  • Faba bean - Syria (ICARDA)
  • Forages -  Syria (ICARDA)
  • Forages - Ehtiopia (ILRI)
  • Grass pea - Syria (ICARDA)
  • Lentil -  Syria (ICARDA)
  • Maize - Mexico (CIMMYT)
  • Pearl millet - India (ICRISAT)
  • Rice - Philippines (IRRI)
  • Sorghum - India (ICRISAT)
  • Sweet Potato - Peru (CIP)
  • Wheat - Mexico (CIMMYT)
  • Yam - Fiji  (SPC)
  • Yam - Nigeria (IITA)
Genebank Impact
“By the end of the 1990s, the wide adoption of improved cassava with a 50% advantage over the average yields of traditional varieties had made possible the additional production of 10 million tons of fresh roots per year — enough to provide 14 million people with 2,200 kilocalories per day.”
The CGIAR at 40 and Beyond: Impacts that Matter for the Poor and the Planet