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New agreement brings stability to world's genebanks

The Trust and the CGIAR Consortium announced a new agreement which will bring financial stability to 11 international genebanks of the CGIAR. The agreement provides US$109 million (with more than 87% contribution from the CGIAR Fund) to provide support for the maintenance of 706,000 samples of crop, forage and agroforestry resources held in “genebanks” at 11 CGIAR research centers around the world.

“This particular program underpins global agricultural research; it builds a foundation for all of our other research programs to succeed. Ultimately, the seeds and vegetative material stored and maintained in the genebanks are the lifeblood of the crop improvement research being carried out across the CGIAR Consortium. If our genebanks suffer, our research suffers,” said Dr. Frank Rijsberman, the CEO of the CGIAR Consortium. “That’s why we continue to work with the Trust, an organization dedicated solely to protecting crop diversity, to put these genebanks on a more firm financial footing and ensure they will be maintained and improved for generations to come.”

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