Country Spain Capital : Madrid

Spain has a population more than 46 million of people. In recent decades, the amount of agriculturally productive land in Spain has increased through irrigation and conservation of fallow lands. Vegetables, fruits, and cereals are the principal crops, accounting for about three-fourths of Spain’s agricultural production, in terms of value.

A few of Spain’s notable agricultural consist of: various types of citrus, tomatoes and wheat.

 71-85% of the food energy consumed in Spain comes from crops that are not native to region. Most of these plants’ diversity is found elsewhere on the planet.

Spain ratified the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) in 2004, joining 142 other contracting parties in commitment to a global system. Additionally, Spain has contributed USD 2,629,650 to the Crop Trust Endowment Fund.

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