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Ground Nut


Crop Ground Nut Arachis hypogea Center of origin: SAM-A, SAM-Tro

Groundnut, after soybean, is the second most important oilseed crops. Globally, it is cultivated on 26 million ha producing about 45 million tons annually.

Ground nut is grown on nearly 23.95 million ha worldwide with the total production of 36.45 million tons and an average yield of 1520 kg/ha in 2009.

Developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America account for over 97% of world ground nut area and 95% of total production. Production is concentrated in Asia (50% of global area and 64% of global production) and Africa (46% of global area and 28% of global production), where the crop is grown mostly by smallholder farmers under rainfed conditions with limited inputs. Between 2000 and 2009, the annual global production increased marginally by 0.4%, the area by 0.3% and yield by 0.1%.

Groundnut is a rich source of oil, protein, minerals (Ca, Mg, P, and K) and vitamins (E, K, and B1). There is a growing demand of groundnut as a food (in terms of peanut confectionery products) in Asia, Latin America, and Caribbean.

Information from ICRISAT.

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Number of varieties available to the public
69.6% 10,295
Data available in genesys
101.3% 14,975
Safety duplicated
13.6% 2,006

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  • ICRISAT 14,785 / 100%