The Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute (PGRRI) is one of the 13 semi-autonomous institutes of Ghana’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Its focus is to collect and conserve the plant genetic resources of Ghana as well as to coordinate plant genetic resource activities in the country. 

The national genebank is located in Bunso, just north of Accra. The total number of accessions conserved is 4,213 predominantly comprised of cowpea, maize and groundnuts. The genebank has 48 accessions of citrus as well as 32 medicinal and spice plants. Landraces account for 3,855 accessions. There are 70 crop wild relatives of finger millet, rice, cowpea, eggplants and sorghum. 

An overview of the plant samples collected in Ghana but possibly conserved elsewhere can be found here.