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What language will the summit be held in?

The event will be held in English.

What type of catering will be available?

At the event, the restaurant Hugo und Notte will provide a vegan and vegetarian lunch buffet.

Will internet be available at the venue?

There is free Wi-Fi access available for the participants in the venue. 

Are there hotels and accommodations available near the venue?

Nearby hotels:

Maritim Hotel (≈ 600 m from Französischer Dom)

Select Hotel Gendarmenmarkt Berlin (≈ 400 m from Französischer Dom)

Mercure Hotel Berlin City (≈ 2.7 km from Französischer Dom)

Titanic Comfort Mitte (≈ 1.0 km from Französischer Dom)

What is the weather like in Berlin?

The weather in Berlin in November is described as cold and breezy. The average temperature in Berlin in November for a typical day ranges from a high of eight degrees to a low of two degrees. 

The current status of the weather in Berlin can be found here

What are the entry regulations for Germany?

Please find information on any entry restrictions for your country under the following link: 

What is the official currency of Germany?

The Euro is the official currency in Germany. Although there are various exchange bureaus in Berlin, we would encourage participants to exchange foreign currency at the airport or in their home country to facilitate travel from the airport to your hotel.

Are there ATMs or cash machines (Geldautomat) available near the venue?

ATMs can be found at airports, train stations, and, of course throughout the city. Please note that as in other countries, you may incur extra costs when withdrawing money from an ATM (GELDAUTOMAT). Please read the information given on the screen which is almost always available in English. Sometimes, the extra charges are a percentage of the amount withdrawn, and sometimes, a flat fee is charged. These costs can range from €1.00 to €10.00.

What type of electrical outlets are available in Germany?

In Germany, the power plug sockets are of type F. The line voltage in Germany is 220 volts with a mains frequency of 50 Hertz. In hotels, you can often find electrically isolated shaver sockets which you can also use for British and American plugs. Nevertheless, we advise you to bring along adaptors to make sure your electronic devices are operable.

What is the VAT or tax rate in Germany?

The normal VAT rate is 19 percent; a reduced rate of 7 percent applies to certain consumer goods and everyday services.

What are the emergency numbers in Germany?

Police: Tel: 110 

Fire brigade: Tel: 112 

Emergency doctor/ambulance: Tel: 112

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