The partnerships & communications team

Sebastian Winkler

Head of Partnerships

Mexican, German and French
Languages spoken:
Spanish, German, English and French
Favorite crop:

Sebastian establishes and manages strategic partnerships with the aim of enlarging the Global Crop Trust Endowment Fund. He works to develop and implement innovative and sustainable finance mechanisms and tools.

With 20 years of working experience around the environment and development nexus including 10 years on resource mobilisation and strategic partnerships in senior management positions, coupled with a hands-on track record in managing large programs and supporting countries in their development pathways on several continents, Sebastian is experienced in linking policy, science and practice to achieve evidence-based sustainable development outcomes by mobilising internal teams as well as external stakeholders.

In addition, he has led the program development and coalition building of a number of multi-stakeholder initiatives, while also being a lead negotiator for numerous international trade, environment and development processes – including the SDGs, UNFCCC, UNCCD, CBD and OECD – as a government and non-governmental representative, at international and EU level.

Sebastian studied environmental economics and development studies. His academic background includes a BA in Political Science from University of Constance and Institut d’Etudes Politique, Grenoble; a BA in Environmental Economics University of Guelph; an MA in International Development from Institute of Social Studies, The Hague; an MA in Environmental Management from University of Trier and Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne; and an MBA Certificate from Harvard Business School.