Private companies and foundations

The Private Sector

There are many ways that foundations and private sector corporations can contribute to and support the Crop Trust.


Over the next several years, the Crop Trust will build further strategic partnerships with private sector companies to reflect its global footprint.

The private sector is an essential stakeholder of the Crop Trust’s work, as seeds are conserved and distributed with the ultimate purpose of producing food. Enterprises in the food and agriculture sector depend critically on the availability of diverse farm produce as a foundation for their business.

There are many ways that companies can contribute to and support the Crop Trust.


Supporting the Crop Trust’s Endowment Fund is an environmental impact investment, generating annual social returns far into the future. Unlike project funds that are disbursed and exhausted on grant activities upon receipt by the implementing organization, endowment resources are safeguarded and invested by the Crop Trust so as to retain their real value against inflation. Meanwhile, they provide annual benefits over the very long term through investment income disbursed to key international collections of seeds and other plant genetic material for food and agriculture.

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Each crop has different costs associated with their long-term conservation. For example, a contribution to the endowment of USD 1 million could conserve all coconut varieties in the world, forever. Through a contribution of a certain amount to the Endowment Fund, a company can claim that they have preserved a selected crop that could lie at the heart of their interest or business.


The Crop Trust is working to establish an investment benefit sharing facility, which would be managed by a leading international financial institution. This facility would allow for high net worth individuals, family offices and other investors to share a portion of their investment returns with the Crop Trust. This form of sustainable and ethical investment allows for both the Crop Trust and the investor to benefit.


Companies may be interested in providing matching grants. Under a matching grant, a donor agrees to match every dollar raised by the Crop Trust with a dollar from the donor. Matching donations show how even a dollar can make a difference.

The Crop Trust offers its private sector supporters a tailored set of benefits to become closely involved with the organization. Donors contributing above USD 250,000 will also be offered access to the governance structure of the Crop Trust through an invitation to the Donors’ Council.

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