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Multiplication of Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) collected in the CWR initiative

Grant No
Project Description
The proposed project will undertake multiplication, characterization, conservation, safety duplication and distribution of 746 accessions that were collected within the Crop Wild Relatives project. These accessions will be provided by the Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) – Kew. Accessions belong to seven genera namely Aegilops, Triticum, Hordeum, Elymus, Lens, Vicia, Lathyrus. Most of these taxa require special arrangements for their regeneration and multiplication which includes planting them in a) plastic houses for rescue regeneration (particularly) important for accessions with few available seeds, b) Large isolation cages which limits cross pollination (for cross-pollinated self-compatible species), c) small isolation cages with bumble bees (for cross-pollinated self-incompatible species), and d) open field. Besides the specific facilities, expertise in identification is of utmost importance. ICARDA is providing the facilities as well as the expertise in handling these difficult species.
Institute Name
International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas in Beirut (ICARDA)
Institute Country
List of Countries
  • Lebanon
Program Name
Crop Wild Relatives
Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)
Start Date
1st of November 2017
End Date
30th of September 2020
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