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Sorghum breeding with Wild Relatives: Evaluating pre-breeding material with farmers in Kenya

Grant No
Project Description
The development of new sorghum diversity through use of wild and weedy species offers a novel and promising entry point. Useful diversity for adaptation will be developed by employing two, mutually reinforcing, methodologies. A backcross breeding methodology will be used to simultaneously transfer genes from wild and weedy species and maintain acceptable levels of agronomic desirability for farmer ‘s use and adoption. Additionally, joint learning by researchers and farmers through collaborative evaluation of large populations of segregating backcross breeding materials will enable development of materials pertinent for the farmers’ own context and constraints, and lead to capacity building for farmers, farmer organizations and researchers. The research partners have established collaborative relationships with farmer organizations and are capable and interested to strengthen these interactions and their ability to effectively breed new, climate-responsive, varieties.
Institute Name
Rongo University
Institute Country
List of Countries
  • Kenya
Program Name
Crop Wild Relatives
Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD)
Start Date
1st of March 2018
End Date
30th of August 2020
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