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Safeguarding crop diversity for food security: Pre-breeding complemented with Innovative Finance: the grasspea component

Grant No
Project Description
This proposal aims to leverage the genetic and genomic resources and knowledge base to develop a molecular breeding platform for rapid varietal development in grass pea, thereby helping farmers to realize the potential of this crop to provide safe food and nutritional security in the face of adverse climate change. The objectives are ‚óè To develop and improve genetic and genomic resources for the direct improvement of grass pea; ‚óè To generate knowledge on genetic mechanisms of ODAP, iron, zinc and methionine contents and identify genes/QTLs associated with them; ‚óè To develop safe and nutritious quality protein grass pea pre-breeding lines for on-farm testing. More specifically, this proposal intends to identify and introgress genes/QTLs associated with ODAP, iron, zinc and methionine content into cultivated germplasm through wide crosses using bridge species from those wild species which are not crossable directly with cultivated Lathyrus sativus.
Institute Name
International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, Lebanon (ICARDA)
Institute Country
List of Countries
  • United Kingdom
  • Morocco
Program Name
Templeton Foundation Project
Templeton World Charitable Foundation
Start Date
1st of August 2019
End Date
1st of March 2022
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