Annual Report 2014

“The Crop Trust is an international organization working to safeguard crop diversity, forever.” Marie Haga
Executive Director of the Crop Trust

Key figures

The Crop Trust Seed Vault

Crop varieties added + 38K

Number of new crop varieties added to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault 38,052
International collections of crop diversity

Crop varieties distributed 124K

Samples distributed by international collections of crop diversity 124,084
Value of grants

Grants provided for conservation USD 25,1M

Value of grants Crop Trust provided to the global system for the conservation of crop diversity USD 25,149,745

Contributions + USD 3,7M

Contributions to the Crop Diversity Endowment Fund in 2014 USD 3,780,122
Varieties available

Varieties available 548K

Increase in varieties available in the international collections 497,850 to 548,102
Variety records added

New varieties in Genesys + 430K

Number of varieties added to Genesys in 2014 430,021
Training for collecting

Grants Provided for CollectingUSD 546K

Grants provided in support of collecting (including capacity building) USD 546K
Countries receiving variety samples

Countries receiving samples 112

Number of countries receiving samples from Crop Trust supported collections 112


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Walter Fust

"Plans to secure the future can grow from great ideas into great institutions."
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Marie Haga

"The year was all about convergence, about paths coming together."

What we do

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Global Genebank Partnership

"Genebanks ensure a diverse harvest for the future. The Crop Trust ensures a future of security and quality for genebanks."
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Crop Wild Relatives

"Saving agriculture's wild cousins."
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Information systems

"We need to know what we have in the world's genebanks."
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Svalbard Global Seed Vault

"Deep inside a mountain on a remote island in the Svalbard archipelago, lies a fail-safe, last chance backup facility for the world’s crop diversity."

The Crop Trust

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"To see plans take shape, take a seat at the table with the Executive Board and the Donors’ Council."
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Human resources

"2014 marks the end of an important decade for the Crop Trust."
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"Two special events and a full agenda of other appearances mark a milestone in the life of the Crop Trust."

Securing our food, forever

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Thank you

"We need partners of every size, in every country, with genuine love for every crop that we protect."
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Take action

"Conserving crop diversity is the first and most crucial step to ensuring food security."


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Financial Statement

Grants to conserve crop diversity world wide increased in 2014
USD 23.3 Million
USD 25.1 Million


Crop Trust

Securing our food, forever

The Crop Trust is fortunate to have support from across the world all dedicated to the future of food security, agriculture and biodiversity.

The Crop Trust would like to thank the following people for their support for this year’s annual report: Ambassador Walter Fust, Professor Gebisa Ejeta, The Crop Trust Staff, The Genebank Managers of the CGIAR, Neil Palmer, Paul Cox, Epic Agency.

Platz der Vereinten Nationen 7
53113 Bonn, Germany

Highlights of the year


The Crop Trust

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The Crop Trust:

Human resources

“Beyond the seed diversity treasured in the crops we help conserve, the Crop Trust celebrates diversity in workforce too, with 14 nationalities represented.” —Layla Daoud, Corporate Operations Manager

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By 1 December 2014 the Crop Trust had 25 staff working in Bonn on a regular basis.

Number of Staff (56% females and 44% males)

In 2014 four regular staff members were recruited, including the new Finance Manager, Janet Muir (a qualified chartered accountant with 11 years experience managing a sizable university endowment fund who joined us from Trinity College Dublin), and the Liaison of the Diversity Seek (DivSeek) Initiative, Peter Wenzl (who joined the Crop Trust in January 2015 and who has a strong background in genetics, plant physiology and high-performance molecular-marker technologies).

The Crop Trust also benefitted from the engagement of distinguished advisors such as former Executive Directors of the Crop Trust Cary Fowler and Geoff Hawtin; and Genebank Quality Management Specialist, Janny van Beem).

As new colleagues joined the fold, the Crop Trust team bid farewell to two of its colleagues: Anne Clyne, former Finance Director, one of the earliest Crop Trust staffers, and Jane Toll, the Science Team’s Senior Project Manager, who retired after dedicating more than 30 years to the global crop conservation effort.

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In an effort to ensure continued close cooperation and technical synergies between the Crop Trust and the Secretariat of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, a joint liaison position was created as is co-funded by both organizations.

The Rhodes College Fellowship

The Crop Trust benefits from the engagement of a Fellow each year thanks to the “Cary Fowler ’71 Environmental Studies International Fellowship” that is provided through Rhodes College. In July 2014, the second Fellow, Laura Brown, successfully completed her one-year assignment with the Crop Trust’s Partnerships Team and the new Fellow from Rhodes College, Julia Greene, joined the Team in August 2014. All of the candidates provided through this program have been outstanding and have made noteworthy contributions towards furthering the mission of the Crop Trust.

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