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Individuals might think that USD 850 million is far too big of a fund for a small donation to have an impact. In fact, any type of support has an impact. On average it costs just USD 625 invested today to conserve a single crop variety in an international collection, forever.

Tax deductible donations

If you are located in the United States or Germany, you can make a tax-exempt donation to the Crop Trust through Friends of Global Crop Diversity Ltd (USA) or the Crop Trust Foundation gGmbH (Germany).

Friends of Global Crop Diversity Ltd is a recognized 501(c)3 organization in the United States. Upon donation, a tax deduction letter will be provided through the Network for Good.

The Crop Trust Foundation gGmbH is a charitable corporation established under German law and provides donors with a contribution certificate recognized by the German tax authorities.


The Crop Trust Foundation Factsheet

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Not everybody can afford to support financially Crop Trust but there are a lot other way you can contribute to secure our food.

How? Spread the word.
With more people that are aware of the importance of crop diversity for food security, the issue will be raised higher on government’s, private sector’s and foundation’s agendas.

Our latest video is surely the best way to share the purpose of the Crop Trust with others.

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