Crop Trust - Securing food diversity

The Crop Trust

The Crop Trust is an international organization working to safeguard crop diversity, forever.

Presentation of the Crop Trust mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Crop Trust is to ensure the conservation and availability of plant diversity essential for food and agriculture, forever.

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Crop Trust International Genebank

What we do

The Crop Trust is funding the world’s most important genebanks, but our work does not end there.

The work of the Crop Trust

Svalbard Global Seed Vault
What we do

The Global Seed Vault

Deep inside a mountain on a remote island in the Svalbard archipelago, lies a fail-safe, last chance backup facility for the world’s crop diversity.

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Crop Trust Interactive Map
What we do

The Interactive Map

Learn more about the world’s genebanks and crop diversity preservation.

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The Crop Trust in numbers

  • Endowment fund iconValue of Endowment FundUSD 200 M
  • Conserved in Svalbard iconVarieties in the Seed Vault933,304
  • Rescued iconvarieties rescued79,725
  • Countries iconCountries the Crop Trust has worked with to conserve crop diversity+100
  • Safe iconCrop varieties conserved through Crop Trust's core work726,711
  • Datas iconVarieties in global portal2,802,770
  • High priority iconCWR to be collected & conserved243
  • Genebanks iconCollections supported12
Amazon - Brazil, 2011. Neil Palmer / CIAT

Take Action

The Crop Trust is raising an endowment to fund a global system for the conservation of crop diversity. Help us to secure our food, our agriculture, forever.

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Australia – Brazil – Canada – Colombia – Egypt – Ethiopia – Germany – India – Ireland – Italy – Netherlands – New Zealand – Norway – Slovak Republic – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – United Kingdom – United States