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Unlocking the Power of Diversity: The Role of Sorghum and Millets Genetic Resources in Sustainable Agriculture

An expert panel discussion on the conservation and use of sorghum and millet diversity.

International Day of Biological Diversity 2023

Crop Trust photo exhibition at Bonn Botanic Gardens


The Crop Trust, along with its strategic partners, is developing conservation strategies to protect the genetic diversity of the world’s food crops. This initiative is funded by the German Federal…

An Endowment for the Ages

An Endowment for the Ages Crop diversity is under threat. Changes in land use, extreme weather events, shifting pests and diseases, even human conflict and strife, all mean that we cannot take the…

Celebrating the colors and shapes of chilli diversity. (Photos: Shawn Landersz/Crop Trust and Megha Kokli)

Ensuring the Camel of Crops Keeps Giving

Ensuring the Camel of Crops Keeps Giving The Crop Trust facilitated the update of a global strategy to conserve the diversity of sorghum and its wild relatives. The “camel of crops” is a true…

Genebanks from 15 countries visit IPK

Genebanks from 15 countries visit IPK Crop Trust and Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) invited partners from developing countries to a workshop. Benjamin Kilian,…


Crop Trust Annual Reports The Crop Trust ensure transparency in all of our financial and operational processes in order to be a reliable partner and ensure our accountability.

A Space for Landraces

A Space for Landraces We live in times that, though arguably plenty interesting enough already, seem to be in an unseemly hurry to become ever more so. Farming is not, alas, immune to all the…

Rice farmers in Cao Phong District

2021 Annual Report

January 25th Crop Science Special Issue Shows Why Crops Need to Get Wild This special edition is devoted to research conducted by the Crop Trust-led Crop Wild Relatives Project. Read more…

Securing Our Food Forever

In this period of reduced overseas development aid and declining grants from governments, it has become necessary and urgent for the Crop Trust to explore new ways to engage a broader group of public…

Sacks of rice varieties
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