Country Tunisia Capital : Tunis

Tunisia has a population of over 11 million.

Tunisia has a well-diversified economy, although it remains dominated by only a few large sectors. Around two-thirds of Tunisia is suitable for farming, and about one-fifth of the working population is employed in agriculture, yet agricultural production is still insufficient to meet the needs of Tunisia’s growing population and contributes only about one-twelfth of GDP.

Tunisia nonetheless exports a fair amount of agricultural produce. The principal commodities are citrus fruits, olive oil, grapes, tomatoes, melons, figs and dates.

69-83% of the food energy consumed in Tunisia comes from crops that are not native to the region. Most of these plants’ diversity is found elsewhere on the planet.

The Crop Trust has supported 1 projects in Tunisia

  1. Wheat: The Institut National Agronomique de Tunisie, Eaux et Forets received funding from the Crop Trust to evaluate the yield potential and disease resistance of durum wheat under saline irrigation conditions with the aim being to identify potential sources of genes for traits being evaluated and make the material available to farmers, breeders and other scientists for use in the development of adaptable varieties in Tunisia and other countries in the region.