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Pakistan has the highest population growth in the world, with a population around 202 million.

The economy used to be primarily agricultural at the time of independence but has become considerably diverse. Agriculture is no longer the largest sector, although it contributes roughly one-fifth of GDP. Manufacturing provides about one-sixth. Approximately one-fourth of Pakistan is arable land, although only small fractions of that are in permanent crops (about 1%) or permanent pastures (6%).

Rice is the a major food staple and one of the country’s important export crops. Other crops include sugarcane, chickpeas, pearl millet (bajra), corn (maize), rapeseed and mustard, as well as a variety of garden crops, including onions, peppers and potatoes.

33-41% of the food energy consumed in Pakistan comes from crops that are not native to the region. Most of these plants’ diversity is found elsewhere on the planet.

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