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2021 Annual Report

DIVERSITY RECORDED 3,532,430 records of genebank samples updated in Genesys in 2021 DIVERSITY CREATED 5 new crop-wild-relative-derived varieties of durum wheat and one each of alfalfa and…

Securing Our Food Forever

In this period of reduced overseas development aid and declining grants from governments, it has become necessary and urgent for the Crop Trust to explore new ways to engage a broader group of public…

Sacks of rice varieties

Building BOLDly on Success

Launched in September 2021, Biodiversity for Opportunities, Livelihoods and Development (BOLD) is a 10-year project, funded by the Government of Norway, that will build on the successes and…

Person in field with umbrella and clipboard

CGIAR Genebank Platform

The CGIAR Genebank Platform came to an end in 2021 after a decade of Crop Trust’s coordination of the program.

Shelved containers in ICRISAT genebank

Finance and Investments

The Endowment Fund continued to grow during the year, with contributions received from the United States Agency for International Development, the Government of Germany, the Government of New…

Data and Information: the Backbone of the Global System

Information systems are central to the effective conservation and use of plant genetic resources, whether at the level of the individual collection, using the likes of GRIN-Global, or at a global…

Close-up identification tag in grass
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