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Open Calls & Tenders


There is currently one open request for proposal.

Request for Proposal: Text Editing and Content Development 

The Crop Trust develops and maintains databases and associated software that support the work of world’s genebanks, specifically Genesys, the global database of information on plant genetic material maintained in world’s genebanks, and GGCE, a genebank collection management software.

Both, Genesys and GGCE, are accompanied with documentation, on-line materials, presentations, user manuals, and training materials that require updating and revision, and new texts that may require more substantive editing. We are looking for a provider to help us maintain high-quality documentation in the English language.

Documentation is also translated from English to other languages, and the provider must have the capacity for editing (not translating) texts in Spanish and French languages. The capacity for editing Chinese and Arabic texts is a bonus.

Interested applicants are requested to submit their proposals based on the outlined above and the calendar of activities to the procurement office no later than 23:59 CET on 28 February 2023.

Request for Proposal: Text Editing and Content Development

Supplier Self-Assessment

Declaration of Undertaking


Calls for Consultants

To ensure that the Crop Trust is able to call upon a professionally qualified, gender-balanced, geographically diverse, linguistically able, and highly motivated corps of professionals for a range of temporary assignments, the Crop Trust keeps active an International Professional Consultancy Roster.

There is currently one open call. 

Consultant for BrAPI Implementation 

The Crop Trust is seeking an experienced Java developer with the interest and capacity to enhance and extend the BrAPI implementation in GGCE and Genesys.

The consulting work will focus on the following activities for both Genesys and GGCE projects:

  • Documenting the mapping of Genesys and GGCE data models to BrAPI
  • Implementation in Java of BrAPI Core and BrAPI Germplasm in Genesys and GGCE
  • Implementation in Java of Phenotyping BrAPI in Genesys and GGCE

The expected duration of the consultancy is six months. Interested candidates should send their applications to Trust Vacancy by 28 February 2023. Further information can be taken from the announcement below. 

Call for Consultants - BrAPI Implementation

Data Protection

The Crop Trust is committed to protecting your personal data. By submitting your application, you agree to us processing your personal data as described in the document below.

Crop Trust Consent Form for Consultancy Applicants

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