The science team

Peter Giovannini

Scientist - Plant Genetic Resources

Italy and Belgium
Languages spoken:
Italian, English, Spanish, French, German
Favorite crop:
Durum wheat

Peter is conducting a gap analysis of ex situ collections of 22 crops. This analysis consists in developing a representation (“Diversity Tree”) of the genetic diversity within a crop genepool, and mapping genebank accessions on this representation to identify gaps and illustrate richness of collections.

This activity is conducted as part of the Conservation Module of the Genebank Platform to improve the representation of genebank collections by analyzing diversity, identifying gaps, eliminating duplicates and performing further collecting.

Before joining the Crop Trust, Peter worked as a scientific consultant, coordinated a seed conservation programme in the Pacific region for Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank, and conducted research on traditional knowledge of useful plants in Mexico, Ecuador, and Bolivia.