Annual Report 2015

“The Crop Trust is fortunate to have support from across the world.” Marie Haga
Executive Director of the Crop Trust

Key figures

The Crop Trust Seed Vault

Crop Varieties sent from the Svalbard Global Seed Vault to Morocco and Lebanon38,073

Varieties available

Varieties available 572,425

Crop Varieties Available in International Collections

Grant Expenditure Provided for Conservation USD 28.4M

Grant Expenditure Provided to Conserve Crop Diversity Globally
USD 28.4M
Training for collecting

Collecting Guides Developed14

Country Specific Collecting Guides for Crop Wild Relatives Developed
Countries receiving variety samples

Countries receiving samples 114

Number of countries receiving samples from Crop Trust supported collections
Variety records added

Grant Expenditure Provided for Gap Filling USD 1.375M

Grant Expenditure provided in support of collecting and conserving crop wild relatives (including capacity building)
USD 1.375M


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Walter Fust

"Crop diversity is one of the defining issues of our times."
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Marie Haga

"The global system we are building together is all at once inspiring, exciting, and absolutely essential."

What we do Pt. 1

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Global Genebank Partnership

"It is both individual and collective genebank efforts that are bringing crop conservation into the twenty-first century."
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Crop Wild Relatives

"An ambitious idea to adapt agriculture has become a reality."
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Svalbard Global Seed Vault

"The Seed Vault made history in 2015 with the first ever seed retrieval."

What we do Pt. 2

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Information Systems

"Managing data within the walls of a genebank, and sharing that data with the world, are two different, but not isolated, challenges."
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Quality Management Systems

"You set new goals as time goes by, so you are on a constant, steady course of improvement."
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Global Strategies

"Building a global system for conservation requires strategic thinking."

The Crop Trust

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"You set new goals as time goes by, so you are on a constant, steady course of improvement."
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Human resources

Being small in number, we depend on the exceptional competence and commitment of our staff.
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"All our governance activities were organized with a dedication to keeping the Crop Trust’s decision-making open."

Take action

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Take action

"A world that loses diversity, loses options for the future."
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Spreading The Message

"Why is it so important to safeguard crop diversity?"
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Thank you

"We often say that we are a small organization with a big job. We don’t mean it as a complaint; that is how we always planned it to be. It means that we don’t need a lot of support, but our mission does."


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Financial Statement

Grants to conserve crop diversity world wide increased in 2015
USD 25.1 Million
USD 28.4 Million


Crop Trust

Securing our food, forever

The Crop Trust is fortunate to have support from across the world all dedicated to the future of food security, agriculture and biodiversity.

The Crop Trust would like to thank the following people for their support for this year’s annual report: Ambassador Walter Fust, Sir Peter Crane, The Crop Trust Staff, the Genebank Managers of the CGIAR, Paul Cox, Epic Agency, Getty Images Reportage.

Platz der Vereinten Nationen 7
53113 Bonn, Germany

Highlights of the year


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Thank You

What we do need are partners. We rely on support from our partners everywhere, whether individuals, public institutions or private donors. Partners like you. We have you to thank for the endowment that is now funding the conservation and use of crop diversity worldwide. We have you to thank for every seed and plant the global system conserves.

2015 was a challenging year for managing endowments, and the market’s challenges will likely continue. So we will continue to ensure that our investments are managed prudently, with an eye on the long term, because the endowment is young and our work has only just begun.

As we build up the fund, we will be able to provide long-term, predictable funding to more crop collections around the world. We draw closer to a global system in which no crop diversity is ever in danger, and all is available for use.

Financial support this year came in many forms. We saw Ireland contributing towards emergency support for the Kenyan genebank. Norway continued to fund the Crop Wild Relatives project in a generous way. And we are most grateful to the United States of America for their contribution to cover an important share of our operational expenditures in 2015, so as to help protect the endowment and ensure its further growth during difficult times in the financial markets.

Among our individual supporters, this year we must extend special and profound gratitude to His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, who has chosen to become the Crop Trust’s Global Patron. His personal engagement is an inspiration to us. Online, through our website, individual supporters proved in growing numbers that there is really no such thing as a small contribution.

Lastly, outreach activities to help us connect with new audiences were made possible thanks to partners such as DuPont Pioneer, who funded the #CropsInColor campaign, and the Friends of the Crop Trust from the U.S., who sponsored the “Plating the Planet” Crop Trust / Slow Food USA Dinner in New York.

Please see our Funding Status as of 2015, downloadable below, for more details on our valued, and invaluable, supporters.

I would like to offer our thanks to all who have supported our work, and to everyone else I would like to offer a hand in partnership for the future.

Michael Koch
Director of Finance

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