Donor's Council 2014

The Donors’ Council

The Donors’ Council of the Crop Trust was established in 2005 and consists of public and private donors who have made a sizable contribution to the Crop Trust.

The Donors’ Council functions as a forum for the Crop Trust’s donors to express their views
 on the organization’s activities and operations – an innovative mechanism to bring government donors, foundations and private companies together in a genuine public-private partnership with shared interest in the Crop Trust. The Donors’ Council reports to the Executive Board.

For a nation to be a member of the Donors’ Council, it needs to contribute at least USD 25,000 in support of the Crop Trust. For non-governmental donors such as private corporations, contributions of more than USD 250,000 are required for representation on the Donors’ Council.

A meeting of the Donors’ Council is convened once a year. The Donors’ Council appoints its chairperson who submits a summary report to the Executive Board. The current chairperson of the Donors’ Council is from the Netherlands.

  • Donors' Council Members

    The Donors’ Council Members are made up of governments, private sector companies and foundations that have contributed to the Crop Trust.

    The Donors’ Council is currently chaired by the Netherlands. Dr. Jaap Satter was appointed Chairperson of the Donors’ Council in 2014 on behalf of the Netherlands.

    Below is the complete list of Donor Council members

    • Australia (AusAID)
    • Brazil (EMBRAPA)
    • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/UN Foundation
    • Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzuechter (BDP)
    • Canada (CIDA)
    • CGIAR Centres
    • Colombia (Ministry of Agriculture)
    • CropLife International
    • DuPont/Pioneer Hi-Bred
    • Egypt (Ministry of Agriculture)
    • Ethiopia
    • Gatsby Charitable Foundation
    • Germany
    • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
    • Gordon J. Hammersley Foundation
    • Grains Research and Development Corporation
    • India (Ministry of Agriculture)
    • International Seed Federation
    • Ireland (Irish Aid)
    • Italy (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
    • Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust
    • Netherlands (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture, and Innovation)
    • New Zealand (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)
    • Norway (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
    • Rockefeller Foundation
    • Sam Spiegel Foundation
    • Slovak Republic
    • Spain
    • Sweden (Sida)
    • Switzerland (SDC)
    • Syngenta AG
    • Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
    • Systemwide Genetic Resources Programme
    • United Kingdom
    • United Nations Foundation
    • United States of America (USAID)
    • World Bank – CGIAR

  • Donors' Council Meetings