The Donors’ Council

The Donors’ Council of the Crop Trust was established in 2005 and consists of public and private donors who have made a sizable contribution to the Crop Trust.

The Donors’ Council functions as a forum for the Crop Trust’s donors to express their views
 on the organization’s activities and operations – an innovative mechanism to bring government donors, foundations and private companies together in a genuine public-private partnership with shared interest in the Crop Trust. The Donors’ Council reports to the Executive Board.

For a nation to be a member of the Donors’ Council, it needs to contribute at least USD 25,000 in support of the Crop Trust. For non-governmental donors such as private corporations, contributions of more than USD 250,000 are required for representation on the Donors’ Council.

Meetings of the Donors’ Council are convened twice a year. The Donors’ Council appoints its chairperson who submits a summary report to the Executive Board. The current chairperson of the Donors’ Council is from the Republic of Korea.

For a list of Donor Council members, please visit our donor page.