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123 Food and Agriculture Organizations to Watch in 2023

Harvesting rice in Cao Phong DistrictHarvesting rice in Cao Phong District, Hoa Binh, Vietnam. Photo: Michael Major for Crop Trust

By Amelia Keleher and Elena Seeley for Food Tank

30 December 2022

The efforts of food and agriculture systems advocates will continue in 2023 to bring awareness and advocacy to some of our most pressing problems.

Food Tank is highlighting 123 organizations - including the Crop Trust - to follow in 2023. Youth-led networks empowering the next generation of food systems leaders, food waste warriors, farmers implementing sustainable practices, and blue food advocates are all recognizing the urgency of transforming food for the better. They are calling on public and private sectors, governments, and all of us eaters around the globe to address systemic inequalities, build resilience, and invest in community-led solutions.

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