Conservation Strategies

The Crop Trust has worked with the world's crop leaders to develop global conservation strategies.

Global crop conservation strategies are developed to review the history of crop collections and to assess the challenges that crops and their genetic resources face.

Collections of genetic resources are key mechanisms for reducing crop vulnerability and for supplying material with novel traits and underlying genes to crop breeding and research programs. The global crop conservation strategies provide details about major collections including a status of the conservation, the information system, availability, accessibility and distribution.

The strategies also place importance on identifying significant gaps in collections at a global level and the links of collections to in situ conservation. The information from the strategies is used to develop a global system to ensure the secure, rational, cost-efficient, long-term conservation of the crop and its wild relatives. The crop community now needs to identify and prioritize actions that will be needed to facilitate the development of this global system.

The Crop Trust has facilitated the development of 26 crop conservation strategies and 8 regional strategies.