Global Crop Conservation Strategies

The Crop Trust has worked with experts from around the world to develop global conservation strategies

Global crop conservation strategies are developed to review the history of crop collections, to assess the challenges that crops and their genetic resources face and to prioritize future conservation actions. This online resource provides information on all available strategies and serves as a platform for stakeholder engagement.

Collections of genetic resources are key mechanisms for reducing crop vulnerability and for supplying material with novel traits and underlying genes to crop breeding and research programs. The global crop conservation strategies provide details about major collections including a status of the conservation, the information system, availability, accessibility and distribution.

The strategies also place importance on identifying significant gaps in collections at a global level and the links of collections to in situ conservation. The information from the strategies is used to develop a global system to ensure the secure, rational, cost-efficient, long-term conservation of the crop and its wild relatives.

Over the past 15 years, the Crop Trust has facilitated the development of 26 global crop conservation strategies with crop experts and other stakeholders around the world.

With support from the German Government, and in partnership with the Secretariat of the International Plant Treaty (ITPGRFA), the Crop Trust has recently started to engage in an effort to revise and update some of these strategies, as well as to develop a number of strategies for new sets of crops/crop groups. Please stay tuned for information on these updates in 2020.