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The Crop Trust Expands its #CropsInColor Palette

A Sensory Journey of Our Food Crops

Bonn, Germany, (September 2018) – Today, the Crop Trust launches the second phase of #CropsInColor, an image-led storytelling campaign that celebrates crop diversity around the world.

Phase II, sponsored by Corteva Agriscience™, the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont will send photographers to Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas to highlight the distinct roles that food crops play in people’s lives. Featuring ten different crops, including apples, beans, carrots, chili peppers, quinoa and more, #CropsInColor will explore the connection between people and their plates in 13 countries.

“The diversity of our food crops is central to our lives and helps define cuisines, cultures, landscapes and more,” said Marie Haga, Executive Director of the Crop Trust.

“Few people realize that it also underpins food security by providing the building blocks for agriculture to adapt to the never-ending challenge of sustainably feeding our growing planet. Phase I of Crops In Color proved to be a highly successful and innovative communications effort, which informed audiences around the globe, and we are delighted to have the support of Corteva Agriscience to continue this effort with a second phase.”


#CropsInColor celebrates both the critical importance of crop diversity and its beauty and cultural relevance across different landscapes. With compelling images, unique narratives and video-interviews, the campaign showcases the wonders of crop diversity and what it means to different communities around the world.

To most people, a bag of rice is just a bag of rice. But it is also so much more. In fact, there are thousands of varieties of rice in the world – each variety containing valuable traits, which could help strengthen the basis of our food system. Some of these varieties also hold special value to the farmers which cultivate them and to the people who consume them globally.

This is true of every crop that exists in the world. There are almost 1,000 varieties of banana; more than 4,000 varieties of potatoes; no less than 7,000 different types of tomatoes; and an estimated 40,000 varieties of bean – each with their own unique characteristics.

Phase II of #CropsInColor will be a sensory campaign, exciting the taste buds, and taking our audience on an exploratory journey from seed bank to table, discovering the unique textures, smells and tastes of ten crops along the way.

“From the farm to the market to our homes, we have been forging unique relationships with food crops throughout agriculture’s 13,000-year history. Crop diversity lies at the heart of this interdependent bond,” said Jim Collins, Chief Operating Officer, Corteva Agriscience.

“The Crop Trust’s Crops In Color campaign highlights, in a visually compelling way, the need to recognize, appreciate and conserve this food crop diversity for future generations. We were honored to sponsor Phase I and are excited to support Phase II to produce many more outstanding images and content showcasing food crop diversity.”

Apples, bananas, chili peppers, beans, coffee, carrots, potato, squash, quinoa and tomatoes – these ten crops were chosen for their ubiquity in supermarkets and in kitchens, and their striking visual diversity. While the common potato may be considered mundane, and other crops like quinoa are currently enjoying the spotlight, each of these crops are important for global consumption and have their own unique story to tell.

By exploring some of our most beloved crops, in both familiar and distant settings around the world, #CropsInColor will highlight many key actors in our food systems – from consumer to farmer to seed bank – who are doing their part in safeguarding, making available and using crop diversity. The Crop Trust is proud to have the support of the International Potato Center (CIP), the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the World Vegetable Center, and many more partners.

“We’re pleased to partner with the Crop Trust in what promises to be an innovative initiative to raise awareness about the importance of conserving crop genetic diversity,” said Peter Bretting, a National Program Leader at USDA-ARS. “Consumers’ preferences could play a role too: when they seek and purchase diverse foods, farmers, supermarkets and food companies will take note.” 

In Rwanda and the United States, the campaign will explore the role of beans in every day society; while in India and Mexico, #CropsInColor will uncover the countless uses of chili peppers. From chefs, who are developing new ways of experiencing and enjoying food diversity, to farmers who are building direct relationships with consumers, to indigenous communities working with restaurants, to urban farmers and everyone in between, #CropsInColor will celebrate the crops and the people using them to create more sustainable and delicious food systems.

To learn more about #CropsInColor, please click here. For series of images, click here.

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#CropsInColor is also a joint Crop Trust / Corteva Agriscience™ contribution to the Food Forever Initiative, a global campaign that seeks to raise awareness on the importance and urgency to conserve and use agricultural biodiversity as emphasized in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Crop Trust: is an international organization working to support crop conservation in seed banks, forever. It supports international seed banks, national seed banks and the world’s backup facility, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. The Crop Trust allocates funds to support these seed banks through its Endowment Fund – a self-sustaining fund that generates investment income for crop conservation. The Crop Trust is recognised as an essential element of the funding strategy of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

About Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont: Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont (NYSE: DWDP), is intended to become an independent, publicly traded company when the previously announced spinoff is complete by June 2019. The division combines the strengths of DuPont Pioneer, DuPont Crop Protection and Dow AgroSciences. Corteva Agriscience provides growers around the world with the most complete portfolio in the industry — including some of the most recognized brands in agriculture: Pioneer®, Encirca®, the newly launched Brevant Seeds, as well as award-winning Crop Protection products — while bringing new products to market through our solid pipeline of active chemistry and technologies. More information can be found at

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For more information, please contact: Cierra Martin, The Crop Trust, +49 171 1165036,


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