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The Executive Board is the principal decision-making body of the Crop Trust.

The  Executive Board normally meets twice each year. Members of the Executive Board are appointed by key Crop Trust stakeholders. These members include:

  • four members appointed by the Governing Body of the Plant Treaty, at least two from developing countries;
  • four members appointed by the Donors’ Council of the Crop Trust;
  • one non-voting member appointed by the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization;
  • one non-voting member appointed by the Chair of CGIAR;
  • two members appointed by the Board itself; and
  • the Executive Director of the Crop Trust, ex officio.

The Executive Board ensures that:

  • the policies of the Crop Trust are in line with its mission, including support for the Plant Treaty and the overall policy guidance provided by its Governing Body, and are consistent with the aims of the Global Plan of Action;
  • the Crop Trust is managed effectively by the Executive Director in harmony with the agreed objectives, programs and budgets, in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements; and
  • the future well-being of the Crop Trust is not jeopardized by exposing its financial resources, its staff or its credibility to imprudent risks.

To ensure these qualities, the Crop Trust’s Executive Board is responsible for approving:

For the full details on the responsibilities of the Executive Board, please see the Crop Trust’s Constitution.

The Crop Trust’s Executive Board is currently chaired by Catherine Bertini.

Current Executive Board Members
CATHERINE BERTINI, Chair of the Executive Board
STEFAN SCHMITZ, Ex Officio, Executive Director
MARCIO DE MIRANDA SANTOS, Executive Board Member
EMMA BARTZ SIMMONS, Executive Board Member
ELIANE UBALIJORO, Executive Board Member
MASARU IWANAGA, Executive Board Member
MERCEDES ARÁOZ, Executive Board Member
JOACHIM VON BRAUN, Executive Board Member
BERNARD LEHMANN, Executive Board Member
ISMAHANE ELOUAFI, FAO Representative (non-voting)
SONJA VERMEULEN, CGIAR Representative (non-voting)
Former Executive Board Members
PETER CRANE, Former Chair of the Executive Board from 2019-2021
ALEXANDER MÜLLER, Member from 2015-2020
KNUT STORBERGET, Member from 2015-2020
MARIE HAGA, Former Executive Director 2013-2019
PREM LAL GAUTAM, Member from 2017-2019
MARY ANN P. SAYOC, Member from 2017-2019
GEBISA EJETA, Member from 2017-2019
TIMOTHY ANDREW FISCHER, Former Chair of the Executive Board and Member from 2013-2019
MARGARET CATLEY-CARLSON, Member from 2007-2012
CARY FOWLER, Former Executive Director 2007-2012
JORIO DAUSTER, Member from 2007-2010
ADEL EL-BELTAGY, Member from 2007-2011
EMILE FRISON, Member from 2009-2013
JOHN LOVETT, Member from 2007-2012
WANGARI MAATHAI, Member from 2007-2011
IBRAHIM ASSANE MAYAKI, Member from 2011-2013
KARL ERIK OLSSON, Member from 2007-2010
SHIVAJI PANDEY, Member from 2007-2009
MANGALA RAI, Member from 2007-2009
ROBERTO RODRIGUES, Member from 2011-2013
MODIBO TIÉMOKO TRAORÉ, Member from 2009-2011
MAURICIO LOPES, Member from 2014-2016
WALTER FUST, Former Chair of the Executive Board and Member from 2010-2017
Summary Reports of Executive Board Meetings
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