Biodiversity for Resilience

Crop Trust & Food Forever Micro-Video Series

Agrobiodiversity underpins nearly everything we eat and drink, yet few people understand what it is or how the diversity of crops and livestock contribute to what we find on our plates. To strengthen this connection, we are excited to share with you a Food Forever micro-video series which highlights the importance of crop diversity and takes the viewer from our current global pandemic landscape to farmers’ fields, to seed banks, to chefs and lastly to the tables and plates of individuals.

Video 1: We are diverse. We are resilient.

What makes us resilient? What enables us to overcome hardships no matter the crisis? What is our greatest strength?

Diversity. In our experiences and perspectives, but most importantly in our food and agriculture. Diversity is what enables us to bounce back from countless challenges. And it’s that way for our agriculture as well. Protecting crop diversity helps protect us too.

Video 2: Farmers, Dedicated Stewards of Crop Diversity

For millennia, farmers have domesticated, selected and exchanged plants, making them the ultimate stewards of the world’s crop diversity. But the current climate crisis has left farmers facing new, urgent challenges (increased pests, diseases and more). Fortunately, the wealth of diversity in our food crops is a resource for adaptation. We must protect and use crop diversity if farmers are to continue growing the nutritious and resilient crops needed to feed a global growing population.

Video 3: Genebanks, Ensuring Resilience

Genebanks are like active safety deposit boxes for the world’s crop diversity. Much like you store your money in a bank and withdraw it to pay bills, genebanks protect seeds for the long-term. This material is then withdrawn and used by scientists to create climate-resilient crops for farmers. By supporting the over 1,700 genebanks worldwide, you can help ensure that the foods we love will remain on our tables for good.



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