Role of Crop Diversity in the Middle East with ICBA

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The Role of Global Plant Genetic Resources
for Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture
in the Middle East

10 November 2014, 10:00-17:00 hrs
ICBA Headquarters, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Agriculture is facing its biggest challenge ever in its 13,000 years of history. Countries of the Middle East need to feed more people on less land, with less water and uncertain energy supplies, and under harsher weather conditions. We must go back to the basic building blocks of agriculture and work systematically on crop adaptability and increased nutritional value.

The most effective tool to develop a resilient agricultural system is found in the natural diversity of crops. The Information Event will discuss the specific role of global plant genetic resources in attaining food security in the Middle East and in enabling a sustainable, climate-smart agriculture sector.

2014 marks the 10-year Anniversary of the Global Crop Diversity Trust; it works to conserve and make available the world’s variety of crop seeds, so that farmers and breeders have the means to feed a growing world population despite climate change. 2014 also marks the 15-year Anniversary of ICBA; it applies world-class research to improve the well-being of poor farmers in marginal environments, addressing the challenges of income, water, nutrition and food security.

Event Purpose

  1. To consider how plant genetic resources can contribute to increasing agricultural productivity, food production and food self-sufficiency in the Middle East.
  2. To discuss how agriculture can adapt to a changing climate so as to build a sustainable, resilient food production system in the region, by drawing on available crop diversity.
  3. To inform about the Global Crop Diversity Trust as an essential element of the funding strategy of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.


The event will be attended by representatives from government, research institutions, international organizations, foundations and the private sector, with participants from across the Middle East Region. The morning session will be in plenary format, featuring international and regional subject matter experts and a panel discussion of senior policy makers. The afternoon session will offer a number of workshops on selected technical and policy subjects. A detailed agenda will follow closer to the event.

Kindly confirm your attendance to g.al-jabri@biosaline.org.ae


Dr. Nanduri K. Rao, ICBA, phone: +971 4 336 1100 ext. 201, email: n.rao@biosaline.org.ae

Mr. Luis Salazar, Crop Trust, phone: +49 228 85427-133, email: luis.salazar@croptrust.org


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