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Africa’s Forgotten Crops Could Offset Growing Food Insecurity

Sorghum breeding field trials in Kenya. Photo:Michael Major/Crop Trust

By Michel Edmond Ghanem

3 May 2022

The world’s exports and reserves of agricultural commodities are concentrated geographically, making populations vulnerable to price shocks, supply-chain disturbances and climate change.

The war in Ukraine is revealing the danger this concentration poses (see Nature 604, 217–218; 2022), particularly for African countries already experiencing significant food and nutrition insecurity. Rather than simply doubling down on the production of a few globally traded crops (A. Bentley Nature 603, 551; 2022), it would be better to diversify food systems.

Investment in historically grown, nutritious African cereals such as sorghum, fonio and teff, barley and legumes would be transformative.


Read the whole article from Nature here.

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