Southern Africa

Those who are at one regarding food are at one in life. Malawian Proverb. #cropsincolor

More than 70% of people in Africa’s southern nations rely on farming for
their livelihoods. Despite some very fertile landscapes and a host of
innovations, a harvest here is never taken for granted. In fact, when
you hear Southern Africa and agriculture mentioned together there is a
good chance you’re about to hear bad news. Farmers continue to struggle
with drought, floods, degraded environments, and waves of pests and

But the bad news is never the whole story. Our photographer visiting
Southern Africa will look for more: for hopes, traditions, and
cooperative efforts that keep the region’s most vital crops diverse and
adaptable. All with a good chance to make tomorrow’s headlines better.

More coming soon

Genebanks supported by the Crop Trust in Sub-Saharan Africa:

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