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A window into a whole planet of diversity. #cropsincolor

Dependable, adaptable crops keep life going – whether we’re growing them, selling them, feeding them to livestock and poultry, cooking them, sharing them or eating them. Crop diversity is at the root of all of this, in every country. It anchors farmers’ lives, and it also anchors food security, nutrition, rural development and ultimately the whole society.

The first three

There are many, many crops out there. Some are of regional importance, some are of critical importance to just a few dedicated communities, while a few are essential to the whole world: staples like wheat, rice, maize, potatoes, beans and cassava. We value all of them, and the Crop Trust is charged under the International Plant Treaty with ensuring the conservation of the most globally important ones.

#cropsincolor takes just three crops as a window into a whole planet of diversity. These are rice, cassava and maize, three truly globe-trotting crops that have been adapted to fit countless different landscapes, climates, agricultural realities and tastes. These are basic ingredients, perhaps – but the truth about them is as diverse as humanity itself.

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