Outreach Initiatives

Our audience is as diverse as the crop diversity we help safeguard. It includes scientists from the entire crop diversity value chain from conservation to use. It also includes governments and other donors, companies, civil society, farmers, chefs, foodies, journalists, artists, teachers and you.

In today’s saturated media landscape, our role as communicators is to support and promote the critical work of the Crop Trust and its many valued partners – and tell their stories in as many compelling ways as possible to engage an ever broader audience. We do that through spearheading several different communications initiatives, which reach different audiences.

  • Crops in Color

    The Crop Trust launched the CropsinColor campaign in December 2015 to highlight not only the importance of crop diversity for food security and adaptation to climate change, but its beauty – found all around us. The awareness-raising campaign was made possible by an exclusive project sponsorship by Corteva Agriscience (formerly DuPont Pioneer), with additional support from the Oak Spring Garden Foundation.

  • Food Forever Initiative

    The wealth of food diversity in the world is incredible, but despite its immense value, we are losing more and more of this diversity every day. The Food Forever Initiative is a campaign to support Target 2.5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by raising awareness around crop and livestock diversity and its importance to a sustainable food future.

  • Legacy Awards

    In cooperation with Australian artist Sophie Munns, the Crop Trust Legacy Awards recognize and celebrate the contributions of individuals who have made significant contributions to the protection of our food security.