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Diverse opinions in crop diversity conservation. Saving crop diversity for future generations wouldn’t be possible without the hard work, passion and dedication of farmers, scientists,…


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Two people in terraced rice field

The Crop Trust implements large-scale projects that closely complement the work funded by the endowment.

Accessible Software for Accessible Seeds

ICRISAT’s Damaris Odeny. Photo: Michael Major/Crop Trust

Accessible Software for Accessible Seeds As any plant breeder and researcher will tell you, it’s all about the data. It’s the data that allows them to make smart choices about the crops they breed,…

"Our Seeds Could Start the Next Green Revolution"

Atanasios Tsivelikas

Q&A with Athanasios Tsivelikas, manager of the ICARDA Morocco genebank.

Women and Girls in Science

International day of women and girls in science text on blue background

Fulfilling the Crop Trust’s mission to ensure the conservation of the world’s crop diversity would not be possible without the vital work of dedicated scientists around the world. An increasing…

Greeting Cards

Smiling cartoon fruits and vegetables

We’re celebrating the importance of crop diversity with a series of cards you can print and give to your loved ones. Valentine's Day Romance, friendship, family—these may not be among your…

Sharing and Celebrating BOLD

Woman smiling with rainbow umbrella

CAMPAIGNS Sharing and Celebrating BOLD “Biodiversity for Opportunities, Livelihoods and Development,” or BOLD, is a groundbreaking project to improve food security and climate resilience…


Strategy for the Global Ex Situ Conservation of Sorghum Genetic Diversity September 2007 1 Table of content DISCLAIMER…

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