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How Does the Endowment Fund Work?

Bushel of grains in Madagascar

Why do genebanks need guaranteed, long-term support? Genebank collections require constant maintenance, and even brief disruptions or lapses in funding can leave material at risk of permanent loss.…

What Are The Funds Used For?

Farmers in Malawi field with mountains

Disbursements from the Crop Diversity Endowment Fund have been used to support our long-term agreements with the international research centers of the Consultative Group on International…

What Will It Cost To Secure Global Diversity Forever?

Field of grain

The Crop Trust has calculated that an endowment fund of USD 850 million is required to generate the necessary annual returns (around 34 million) to guarantee that crop diversity will be available…

Our Commitment to Responsible Investing

Terraced fields with mountains and sunset in Vietnam

The Crop Trust believes It is important to manage its investment fund in a way that could support its broader mission and objectives; Sustainable investment and good stewardship can enhance…

Information Systems

Seed samples with QR code on computer screen

Genebank data and information systems are central to the effective conservation and use of plant genetic resources.


April 2021 Celebrating Food for Earth and more! Read more June 2021 Crop Trust participates at the GLF Africa conference: Restoring Africa's Drylands: Accelerating Action on the Ground. …

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Read all about it. From cutting-edge research to work saving seeds in communities, even our small actions can have a big impact on saving crop diversity and putting it to good use. Read the…

Make a Donation

Colorful African rice varieties

Tax-exempt donations are possible for contributions made from the United States and Germany. If your country is not listed AND/OR if you have any questions, please contact us. Invest Today in the…

Shop to Support

Woman walking on dirt road with basket of crops on her head

CATAN Compete & Cooperate to Conserve Crops Makers of the award-winning board game, Catan, have come up with a fun new way to learn about the importance of crop conservation, while also…

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