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We are dedicated to conserving and making crop diversity available for use globally, forever and for the benefit of everyone.

Building a Global Genebank Partnership

Vials of plantlets in genebank

Strengthening a rational, efficient and effective global system of ex situ crop diversity conservation.

The Templeton Pre-Breeding Project

Purple pea flowers

The Crop Trust – Templeton Project is built on a mutual goal to improve food security for some of the world’s most vulnerable smallholders in the context of a changing climate.

Strategic Development of the Crop Trust

Two people in terraced rice field

The project is supporting the Crop Trust in its institutional development and strategic repositioning.

Global Crop Conservation Strategies

Seeds germinating in genebank petri dishes

The Crop Trust is working with experts from around the world to develop and update strategies that will guide global efforts for the conservation of key crops.


Learn about crop diversity on the go. We collaborated with the Chef's Manifesto to bring a season of their podcast dedicated to the stories of six important crops. Each episode takes you on a…


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The CGIAR Genebank Platform

Shelved containers in ICRISAT genebank

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Saving Coffee

Get in touch with us about how you can help to save coffee. Contact us

Despite challenges, world coffee production has grown steadily over…

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