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Red and yellow apples

The more than 7,000 cultivars of apple known today result from a long and complicated history in which multiple wild species were crossed into the fruit’s lineage as it travelled from China to…

Introducing the New Rhodes College Fellow

Maya Searle

Introducing the New Rhodes College Fellow Maya Searle, a senior health equity major from Knoxville, TN, has been awarded The Steve and Riea Lainoff Crop Trust Fellowship in Honor of Cary Fowler ’71.…

Crop Wild Relatives

Close-up of potato flowers

Supporters The Government of Norway Partners Nearly 170 specialist research institutes and national and international conservation and breeding programs in nearly 70 countries around the…

Outreach Projects

Terraced fields in Madagascar

Our audience is as diverse as the crop diversity we help safeguard. It includes scientists from the entire crop diversity value chain from conservation to use. It also includes governments and…

‘Diversity Trees’ Shed Light on Gaps in Genebank Seed Collections


‘Diversity Trees’ Shed Light on Gaps in Genebank Seed Collections The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 2.5 calls on the world to maintain the genetic diversity of food. This includes…

Reducing Poverty

Pile of yellow and green bananas

Impact Areas Reducing Poverty

Protecting Nutritional Security

Circle of hands holding seed varieties

Impact Areas Protecting Nutritional Security

Adapting to Climate Change

Two people standing in a field

Impact Areas Adapting to Climate Change

Ensuring Food Security

Farmer in field in Argentina

Impact Areas Ensuring Food Security

Impact Areas

News & Events Impact Areas

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