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Crop Conservation Activities Database

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Maintenance of the Crop Genebank Knowledge Base (CGKB)

This project oversaw the maintenance of the Crop Genebank Knowledge Base (CGKB) that is managed by Bioversity. This maintenance included updating of information, implementation of user suggestions,…

Cryobanking at the International Potato Center: Strategy for 2013-2016

This project facilitated the establishment of cryopreservation as an integral part of the long-term genebank strategy at CIP. It ensured a secure, well-documented cryobank through the creation of new…

Long-term conservation strategy for banana

This project took place at the International Transit Centre (ITC) in Leuven, Belgium, which holds the world's largest collection of bananas. It focused on developing a long-term conservation strategy…

CIAT- GRIN-Global 2.0 Pilot Deployment

This project facilitated the pilot deployment of GRIN-Global genebank management system at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT). GRIN-Global replaced an "in house" information…

CIP- GRIN-Global 2.0 Pilot Deployment

This project supported an assessment of the International Potato Center's (CIP) need, suitability, applicability, and ease of conversion to GRIN-Global, a genebank management information system.

Enriching genebanks' holding with novel diversity from unexplored Islands and Inland areas of Greece – filling gaps and securing climate change adapted germplasm

This project facilitated the enrichment of genebanks with novel diversity from unexplored islands and inland areas of Greece. The goal was to fill gaps and secure climate change adapted germplasm.…

GeneSys User Guidelines

This project funded the creation of a GeneSys User Experience guidelines document and the design of a GeneSys homepage solution in Photoshop PSD and PNG format.

GeneSys User Guidelines (Updates)

This project funded phase 2 of GeneSys User Experience updates (see initial work in GS13046.)

Crop Trust software updates

During this project, AimsProSoft designed, developed, and implemented a new software for the Crop Trust.

GeneSys Data Provider Agreement

This grant marks an agreement between the Crop Trust and other organizations and genebanks about the GeneSys online portal and database that provides information about gene bank accessions to…

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