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Ministerial Luncheon: Less Rain, More Grain

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science blog
Science Blog

A bandwagon in the mainstream

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In a greenhouse at the Antsirabe Field Centre of the National Centre for Applied Research in Rural Development (FOFIFA), breeders sprout potential new cold-tolerant varieties to test in the coming cold season. The international research center AfricaRice has joined the effort to introduce locally adapted lines that include parents from other cold regions. Most rice is acutely sensitive to variations in temperature during the phase when grain is formed: if it is too hot or too cold, the plant produces fewer grains. The aim of this research is to breed Malagasy rice that yields better when colder conditions hit the highlands.

Expert Consultation Group Meeting

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Crop Wild Relatives: The Nexus of Conservation and Agriculture

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#CropsInColor Q&A with Brent Stirton

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The Roots of Eating

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Marie's corner
Marie's Corner

News in November

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UNSPECIFIED - APRIL 03: Seeds still life in a box. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
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Celebrating the building blocks of life

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