Southeast Asia

A region of surprising crops in surprising places. #cropsincolor

Southeast Asia is most recognizable as one of the cradles of rice, a grain seen almost everywhere across the scattered region’s many landscapes and cultures. Rice is the start, but hardly the end, of the Southeast Asian feast. This is a center of diversity for other global foods like banana, coconut and sugar cane. And in a time of transformation, it’s a region of surprising crops in surprising places, where this season’s agricultural experiment is next decade’s boom crop.

Our photographer visiting Southeast Asia in 2016 will follow crops old and new through fertile river deltas and unique island environments. This glimpse into the sharing and use of diversity will, hopefully, hint at what else is in store from the farmers who perfected the intricate art of the rice paddy.


Genebanks supported by the Crop Trust in Southeast Asia:

This campaign is made possible by the generous support of DuPont.

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