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The campaign

Behind every meal you eat is a world of crop diversity that has proliferated for thousands of years. #cropsincolor

The domesticated plants we rely on most for food are some of humanity’s oldest existing creations. And because our world is always changing, they are works of art that are never finished.

Crop diversity is the foundation of food security.
Crop diversity gives farmers the tools to beat droughts, floods, diseases, pest attacks and more. It brings nutrition and variety to every meal, and it makes farming a viable way of life. Is it possible to visually encapsulate something that is so crucial to us all, but so easily overlooked?

This was the challenge the Crop Trust has given to three world-class photographers: to shed light on the complexities, triumphs, and surprises of crop diversity in action.

To most people, a bag of rice just looks like a bag of rice.
What you can’t see are the artists at work behind the scenes: the genebanks conserving incredible collections of diversity from around the world; the plant breeders coaxing hidden potential out of a handful of seeds; and the innovative farmers who practice the ancient art of turning sunlight into food.

Our three photographers, too, know something about making magic with light. They will travel around Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia to capture the hidden stories of how crop diversity changes the way the world eats every day. Along the way they will use photos and videos to prove that crop diversity in action is not just essential – it’s amazing.

This campaign is made possible by the generous support of DuPont.

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