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Meet the Photographers

Brent Stirton is a New York based South African photographer with an extensive history in the documentary world. He has received 7 awards from World Press Photo and 7 awards from Pictures of the…

Crops in Color

Yellow mais varieties in Zambia

The CropsinColor campaign highlights not only the importance of crop diversity for food security and adaptation to climate change, but its beauty – found all around us.


Varieties of squash in a pile

A member of the Cucurbita genus, the ‘squash’ comes from the New England aboriginal word ‘askutasquash’, which means vegetables eaten…


Rice varieties

In Southeast Asia, where the most widely grown types were first domesticated, its reign is undisputed. It’s the primary food, fundamental to millions of livelihoods and deeply rooted in every…


Multicolored ears of maize or corn

Ancient diversity that would be familiar to an Aztec or Inca farmer still ripens in the fields in countries like Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. More recently –…


Coffee beans on tree

Learn more about saving coffee Learn more Each delicious mug of morning brew begins with a coffee tree, belonging to the genus Coffea. While there are many species belonging to the genus,…


Hands holding cassava root in Colombia

The Crop Trust presents: cassava in color. Cassava originated in the Amazon but is today at home across the tropics. It is a lifeline for millions of small…


Potato diversity

Potatoes originate in the Andes where around 180 wild potato species can still be found. It’s estimated that potatoes were domesticated about 7,000 years ago – slowly transforming the gnarly,…


Chili peppers in leaf bowl

Originating in Mexico, chili peppers have been a part of the human diet in the Americas since at least 7500 B.C. For the rest of the world, they were “discovered” by Christopher Columbus. Diego…


Nine piles of bean varieties

The common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) provides enough balanced nutrition to keep a person alive for a long time on that single food alone. It is an important source of nutrition, providing…

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