A farmer of the Emberá-Chamí community in San José de Canelos, Caquetá holds a freshly unearthed cassava root of a favorite variety. Producing more carbohydrates per hectare than any cereal crop, cassava will always be an essential root for small farmers here in its ancient homeland. And as seven billion more roots are added to the global harvest every year, in new soils far away, this homeland’s diversity is becoming ever more essential to the future of cassava.

Science Briefs

Highlighting the results of the Crop Trust's global work.

The Crop Trust Science Briefs will highlight some of the outputs of Crop Trust projects and other activities. They are aimed at non-technical readers with a keen interest in the science of conservation and use of crop diversity. The briefs will also feature highlights of selected academic articles on plant genetic resources that may be of interest to our donors and other stakeholders.

The first set of Crop Trust Science Briefs has been co-written with various partners and cover a wide range of topics — from economics, to crop wild relatives, to international interdependence for crop diversity.

Other science briefs in the pipeline will cover genomics for genebanks, quality management systems, Genesys, and the role of genebanks in better nutrition.

Thanks to the growing network of national and international partners with whom we work around the world, we expect wide circulation of the Crop Trust Science Briefs among both academic and industry researchers actively involved in the conservation and use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.

In the future, we will periodically invite research partners to contribute briefs to increase public awareness of important crop diversity issues. Researchers interested in submitting a brief are encouraged to send us an abstract of the proposed topic to science.briefs@croptrust.org.

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